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Digital Humanities: Evaluating

This guide provides general and specialized information on the theory, tools, methodologies, and communities of practice in the digital humanities.
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024 4:22 PM


Project evaluation and assessment are important to enhance user experience, but are also crucial for promotion and tenure processes.  To that end, the Documenting Your Digital Research section of this guide and the following resources on evaluation may be helpful.

Digital Project Reviews

A growing number of professional publications are reviewing digital projects in addition to (or in place of) traditional scholarly outputs like monographs and journal articles.  The list below is a sample; more publications may be added in the future.

Promotion & Tenure Guidelines

The UB Libraries' Scholarly Communications team offers resources for both faculty moving through the tenure and promotion process as well as administrators and department chairs.

Read more about Evaluating Digital Scholarship for Promotion & Tenure on the UB Digital Scholarship Studio & Network website.

Digital Humanities was created by UB Libraries' 2018-2020 CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow, Heidi Dodson. It is currently maintained by Stacy Snyder. Guide content is licensed CC BY 4.0.

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