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Digital Humanities: Project Planning

This guide provides general and specialized information on the theory, tools, methodologies, and communities of practice in the digital humanities.
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024 4:22 PM

Project Development & Sustainability

Not Sure Where to Start Your Planning?  Check Out These Resources! - Development for the Digital Humanities

Developed by Jennifer Guiliano and Simon Appleford, with contributions from many others, this site provides a series of lectures that cover different stages of a project, including translating research questions into digital projects, teams and partners, publicity, budgets, and more. 

The Socio-Technical Sustainability Roadmap 

The STSR is housed in the Visual Media Workshop at University of Pittsburgh and is a "structured group exercise that guides participants through the process of creating effective sustainability plans" for digital projects.  It is designed as a series of modules that help project teams plan and create social and technical infrastructure that will ensure the sustainability and preservation of digital work.  The Roadmap is being used in Sustaining DH: An NEH Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities in 2018/2019.  

PM4DH: Project Management for the Digital Humanities

The PM4DH is a guide to project management developed by the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship.  It is organized into five phases: proposal, initiation, planning, execution, and closing.  The "Create a Workplan" section under the Execution phase includes a variety of templates that can be used to document project risks, issues, communication plans, meeting summaries, and more.

Ethical & Social Justice Considerations

Working in the digital and public realm has raised new ethical considerations for humanities research and collaboration.  The resources below are not comprehensive, but they introduce a range of issues to contemplate when starting a project. 

Project Management Tools

   Trello  Trello logo

   BasecampBasecamp graphic

Freedcamp logo   Freedcamp

Asana logo         Asana

Airtable logo    Airtable

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Digital Humanities was created by UB Libraries' 2018-2020 CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow, Heidi Dodson. It is currently maintained by Stacy Snyder. Guide content is licensed CC BY 4.0.

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