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Digital Humanities: Books & Resources

This guide provides general and specialized information on the theory, tools, methodologies, and communities of practice in the digital humanities.
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024 4:22 PM

DH Books

Professional Forums and Blogs

Communities & Forums

Blogs about DH

Defining the Digital Humanities

Matthew Gold and Lauren F. Klein, eds. Debates in the Digital Humanities (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2012).

2016 volume (free online) and 2019 volume (free online) in this series have also been published. 

Tutorials & Intro Courses

Intro to Digital Humanities - DH 101

Joannna Drucker, UCLA Center for Digital Humanities

This resource was created in 2013 and is based on an Introduction to Digital Humanities (DH101) course taught in past by Drucker and David Kim.  It is designed to be applicable to many disciplines.  The course is divided into Concepts & Readings, Tutorials (focused on tools), Student Projects, and Advanced Topics.  The Student Projects section is particularly useful for instructors planning DH courses with group projects.

Doing Digital Scholarship 

Social Sciences Research Council 

Created by the Social Sciences Research Council, this "self-guided introduction to digital scholarship, designed for digital novices” offers 11 modules covering a wide range of topics like Annotating Digital Collections and Mapping and Spatial Analysis.  Valuable modules that are not always included in tool or method-focused resources include Building a Professional Identity Online, Digitally Inflected Pedagogy, and Trends in Scholarly Communications.  Each module includes readings, resources, and a project lens.

The Programming Historian

If you’re new to the digital humanities, don’t let the name of the site intimidate you!  You can learn programming here, but this is a “novice-friendly” site that offers a range of easy-to-understand tutorials on mapping, digital publishing, and more.  You can sort the lessons by difficulty, topic, and function.

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