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EndNote Basics: Collaborating with EndNote

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2024 11:30 AM


There are several ways to share your library and collaborate with colleagues. You can:

  1. Email a copy of your library.
  2. Share groups with your colleagues using EndNote online. Collaborators will need an online account.
  3. Share your entire library or certain groups with your colleagues using sync. Your collaborators must have the desktop version of EndNote and their own online accounts.

Create an online account by going to Tools and then Choosing Sync in your menu, or by clicking the Sync Library icon. Then click Sign Up. Do this if you want to Sync your desktop library to the cloud.

Emailing your Library

Your library is saved in two parts. There's a library folder (.enl) and a data folder (.data). To send a copy of your library, you need to compress these two files into one. Go to File and then choose Compressed Library (.enlx). Follow the prompts to compress your entire library, selected references, or a certain group or group set with or without attachments. Save the newly compressed file. Then you will be able to email it.

Sharing Groups using EndNote Online

You can share groups of references using EndNote online. A free account is required. You can use the online version of EndNote to create new groups, or sync your main desktop library to EndNote online and share a group from your desktop library.

Library Sharing using Sync

If you and your collaborators have EndNote desktop and you've synced your main library to EndNote online, you can share groups or your entire library. Go the icon with the person and a plus sign. If you hover over it, it reads Share Library. Add collaborators using their EndNote online email addresses.