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EndNote Basics: EndNote Online

Last Updated: May 3, 2022 2:59 PM

EndNote Online

What is EndNote Online? 

EndNote Online is an online citation management tool which works together with your EndNote desktop program. As a member of UB's academic community, you have access to the full option package available from the Online program. 

There is another option with a similar name - the Endnote Online Basic program. The free version has 21 styles and a limited number of filters and connection files. This version is available to anybody, with no other purchase required. For more information: 

From here forward, we will discuss EndNote Online (UB 's version). 

EndNote has both a desktop and online component. When used on the desktop, it may be called “EndNote desktop” or “EndNote on the desktop.” When used online, it may be called “EndNote online.” Users may synchronize all the references in one desktop library to their online library, and share the entire library with other EndNote users. The online library may contain an unlimited number of references and unlimited attachments.

The two most useful functions of EndNote Online are:

(1) The ability to work in EndNote if you are not on your desktop (both online and through the EndNote App); and 

(2) The ability to sync your EndNote desktop library with your EndNote online library.

Getting Started

Create your EndNote Online account through your desktop account or through Web of Science.



Review the EndNote Online Getting Started Guide 

Once you are in your Endnote Online account, please review the getting started tips. 


For further information, please review this guide. 

- installing plug-ins

- adding references to your library

- organizing and sharing your references

- using Cite While You Write

- matching your manuscript to a journal

- access your library from the EndNote App 


Training Videos

Class clips: syncing a library between EndNote online and EndNote desktop

(please note: the SYNC function in EndNote20 is under Library)


Online vs. Desktop

If you are curious about the differences between the EndNote products, please review this guide.