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Lieder and art song resource guide: Browsing

This guide is intended to assist in locating scores and materials about art songs and Lieder.
Last Updated: Apr 11, 2022 11:24 AM

In-Library Resources

We highly recommend using the Catalog to search for scores located in the Music Library.

A few hints for browsing if you are short on time:

  • Scores: In the library collection at the music library, scores for vocal works both with and without accompaniment are shelved together in the section with call numbers beginning with M 71. Compilations by multiple composers begin with M 71 A3. Following compilations, scores are shelved alphabetically by composer's last name.
  • Finding or browsing by composer/text/poet (online): The LiederNet Archive.
    This site allows keyword searches as well as searching and browsing by composer, song title, poet, first line, and language. Entries for individual songs give the text in the original language, poet, links to available translations, and a list of composers who have written musical settings for that particular poem/text. Although this is not a traditional reference source, most of the information on the following website is quite accurate and a good place to start (if you are using the information for research, papers, presentation, program notes, etc. you may want to verify the information in a traditional reference source or scholarly publication).
  • Collections of lyrics/texts: In the music library collection, collections of lyrics can be found in the ML 54.6 section.
  • Books on history and criticism of art songs: In the music library collection, these books can be found with call numbers beginning ML 2800 - ML 2851.
  • Biographies of individual composers are shelved in the ML 410 section, alphabetically by last name. Biographies of performers (vocalists) are shelved in the ML 420 section, alphabetically by last name.