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Political Science: News Sources

Last Updated: May 21, 2024 8:53 AM

News Sources


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C-Span Services

C-Span -- National Politics

Watch live, recent, and past Congressional debates, hearings, testimony, briefings, and more.  A search capability is provided.

PBS - News Hour


Watch full programs into the 1980s and explore current topical information under headings for politics, arts, nation, world, economy, science, health, and education.

National Journal

The National Journal offers nonpartisan insight into politics and policy. It is one of the most influential and credible publications for following the nation's political life. Always an insightful and multifaceted resource, it is an excellent resource for staying current with and understanding national election politics. NJGPC provides online access to the National Journal and a suite of resources on the United States government and public policy. 

Email Alerts: In addition to our IP/proxy access, we also also receive unlimited personal user accounts with our institutional subscription. These personal log-ins allow users to set custom email alerts. We send NJ the names and email addresses of any interested faculty members or students, and NJ staff create their personal log-ins. Contact: Charles D'Aniello or Donald Hartman. Alerts are links to full-text NJ content (some very brief and some lengthy) that are identified by your selection(s) from a list of topic(s). Texts are easily read across various platforms and devices. Once you've registered, if you have questions about your email alerts, managing your account, or scheduling complimentary online training, please contact Client Services at 800-207-8001 or