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Properties Data for Chemicals & Materials: Other Materials

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024 1:04 PM



  • NIST Ceramics WebBook   PUBLIC

    This resource consists of two searchable databases, High-Temperature Superconductors (WebHTS) and Structural Ceramics (WebSCD), and one browsable collection of property data summaries (WebPDS) for six categories of ceramics. The superconductor database provides evaluated thermal, mechanical, and superconducting properties for oxide superconductors. Materials are searchable by chemical family, informal name, structure type, and desired property. The structural database provides evaluated data for a wide range of structural, engineering, and fine ceramics.


  • Phase Diagrams for Ceramists
    Produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Consists of 12 volumes plus index.
    Lockwood Library Science & Engineering Reference Collection QD501 .L592



  • Composite Material Data Sheets   UB ONLY
  • Available to UB online via our subscription to Knovel, this resource includes data sheets for more than 1000 composite materials. These materials fall under nine types: carbon fiber/thermoset composite, ceramic matrix composite, composite core material, composite fibers, composite SMC, epoxy/carbon fiber composite, metal matrix composite, phenolic, carbon fiber composite and phenolic, graphite cloth composite.


Fibers & Textiles

  • Handbook of Tensile Properties of Textiles and Technical Fibres   UB ONLY
  • Available to UB online via our subscription to Knovel, this resource comprises two parts: Part 1 examines tensile properties and failure of natural fibers, such as cotton, hemp, wool, and silk while Part 2 discusses the tensile properties and failure of synthetic fibers ranging from polyamide, polyester and polyethylene fibers to carbon fibers.


  • Structure and Properties of High-Performance Fibers   UB ONLY
  • This book explores the relationship between the structure and properties of a wide range of high-performance fibers. Part I covers high-performance inorganic fibers, including glasses and ceramics, plus carbon fibers of various types. In Part II, high-performance synthetic polymer fibers are discussed, while Part III reviews those natural fibers that can be used to create advanced textiles.


  • Handbook of Glass Properties   UB ONLY

    Compilation of thermal, mechanical, electrical, and other properties for a wide range of glasses. Available to UB with our subscription to the Knovel e-books database.


  • Knovel Optical and Filter Glass Database   UB ONLY

    The database includes property data for more than 1700 commercially available glasses. Optical properties covered in the database include glasscode, refractive indices, Abbe number, relative and absolute partial dispersion data, and transmittance. Comprehensive coverage of mechanical and chemical property values is also presented.


  • Knovel Solvents - A Properties Database   UB ONLY

    A comprehensive collection of over 145 properties for over 1600 different solvents.


  • Industrial Solvents Handbook   UB ONLY
  • The 1,200 tables in this book contain basic data on the physical properties of most solvents and on the solubilities of a variety of materials in these solvents.


  • Wood Handbook: Wood as an Engineering Material   UB ONLY

    The 2010 edition of this handbook, produced by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's Forest Products Laboratory, is available on Knovel and includes physical and mechanical properties for wood and wood-based products. There is also a publicly available version dated 2021 that can be accessed by clicking here.

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