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Toolkit for SEAS Students: Handbooks, Properties, Patents and More: Equations/Formulas

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2024 4:34 PM

Knovel Interactive Equations

  • Online Collection of Interactive Equations in General Engineering
    Covers energy efficiency, fluid mechanics, mathematical functions, systems engineering, design of experiments, new product development, and materials properties.

  • Online Collection of Interactive Equations in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
    Covers both chemical processes and product development, including plant design and operation, as well as analytical chemistry, catalysis, separation, and synthesis used in the creation of new products.

  • Online Collection of Interactive Equations in Civil Engineering and Construction Materials
    Covers structural engineering, code compliance, earth moving, green building, road construction and building with materials such as concrete, wood and steel. Of use to civil engineers designing structures and developing infrastructure projects including bridges, dams, pipelines, and roadways.

  • Online Collection of Interactive Equations for Electronics and Semiconductors
    Covers analog circuit design, electromagnetic compatibility, MEMS, RFID, the use of lithography and microlithography in IC and microchip fabrication, vacuum coating methods, electro-optical devices, and silicon and other semiconductor properties. Of use to electrical, electronics, manufacturing and optical engineers designing electronics, manufacturing processes, packaging methods, and testing regimes. Includes a collection of Knovel Equation Solver interactive equations.

  • Online Collection of Interactive Equations in Electrical and Power Engineering
    Covers power generation, plant design, energy storage including batteries, transmission line design and operation, electrical safety, and energy efficiency. Of use to electrical, power, mechanical, and civil engineers designing turbines, power generation plants, transmission towers and cabling, installing pipelines for underground transmission, and electrical safety devices.

  • Online Collection of Interactive Equations in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
    Covers design of motors and drives, pipe design, hydraulics, fluid mechanics and rheology, boiler and pressure vessel design, HVAC, systems and equipment, ship and vehicle design and manufacturing, Finite Element Method, and control of vibration. Of use to mechanical, aerospace, manufacturing, plumbing, and automotive engineers designing mechanical devices for improved performance, increased energy efficiency and user satisfaction.

  • Online Collection of Interactive Equations in Metals & Metallurgy
    Covers properties of metal and metal-composite materials, corrosion resistance, forming and fabrication, heat treatment, surface coatings, working with powder materials, and testing for fatigue. Of use to materials scientists, metallurgists, and mechanical, aerospace and civil engineers seeking stronger metals with property requirements specific to each project.

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