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Toolkit for SEAS Students: Handbooks, Properties, Patents and More: Engineering E-Books

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2024 4:34 PM

UB Libraries has access to thousands of ebooks through UB Libraries Everything Search. We also have access to two unique resources for engineering ebooks - Knovel and AccessEngineering. Learn more about both resources below.

Knovel: Engineering Information and Data Online

Knovel (pronounced "novel") is an excellent place to start researching any engineering topic. It provides full-text access to an online collection of several thousand science and engineering handbooks. Many of the books have interactive tables, graphs and equations.

  • To begin searching, connect to Knovel using the database link above and type your keywords into the search box.

  • Your results will be retrieved as a list of titles based on relevancy ranking. Click on the title of the book or book chapter to begin reading. Once a page of a book is loaded on the screen, you can read it within the browser window, or you may print or download to PDF a section or chapter at a time.


In addition, Knovel has a unique property data search tool that enables you to locate information in large complex tables in hundreds of the handbooks; the data can be manipulated in a spreadsheet format and downloaded into Excel or as a PDF file.

  • To use this tool, go to Knovel and click on "Property Search" from the left side menu. Then click on "Material Property Search."
  • To learn how to use the Property Search tool effectively, watch this short tutorial video.


AccessEngineering provides access to interdisciplinary engineering information, as well as tools for analyzing information and assisting with the learning process. Included in the content are eBooks, manuals, handbooks, and exam prep materials; graphing tools; case studies; material information and calculators; problem sets; instructional videos; and much more.

Subjects covered in AccessEngineering:

To learn more about using AccessEngineering, a Quick Start is available by clicking here. Or view the video tutorial below for more information.

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