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Toolkit for SEAS Students: Handbooks, Properties, Patents and More: Articles

Search for journal articles using one of the databases below

Use the databases listed below to find articles on topics in engineering. We recommend that you start your search in one of the broader based databases listed first and that you then continue your search in the more specialized databases listed below those, as appropriate.
All Areas of Engineering and Computer Science

Chemistry & Chemical Technology

  • SciFinder
    SciFinder is the premier research tool for chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, biotechnology, and materials-related research. It provides access to the literature in these fields as well as to reactions, properties, spectra, and regulatory information and data. Also included in SciFinder is the full MEDLINE (aka PubMed) file.

    Note: You must register for an individual log-in ID to use SciFinder. For more information on how to do that, go to:

Computer Science

Environmental Engineering & Science

    Coverage of environmental research, issues, policy, and decision-making in the form of full text journal articles, news stories, interactive maps, statistical data, refereed case studies, podcasts, and more More info

  • Environment Complete
    Coverage includes agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, natural resources, marine and freshwater science, geography, pollution and waste management, environmental technology, environmental law, public policy, urban planning, and more. More info

  • GeoRef
    Geology, geography, soil science, and environmental science research. More info

Ergonomics & Human Factors Engineering

Electrical Engineering, Photonics, Optical Technologies

Transportation-Related Research

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Begin Your Research in Knovel

Excellent place to start researching any engineering topic and for help with homework assignments, Knovel provides full-text access to an online collection of several thousand science and engineering book, many of which have interactive tables, graphs and equations.

Citation Management Software

UB has a site license to EndNote, software that allows you to collect, store, organize, retrieve, and automatically format references to journal articles, books, patents, and more in your papers.  Contact me for more information.