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Tenure Metrics: Cited Reference Searching: Google Scholar

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2022 9:53 AM

Google Scholar

Entering a Search

To find the following article in Google Scholar search using the basic or advanced search.  Advanced search is accessible by the drop down menu in the search bar.

RYTHER JH, DUNSTAN WM. “Nitrogen,Phosphorus, and Eutrophication in Coastal Marine Environment.” Science, 171 (3975): 1008-& 1971.

Google scholar advanced search

Each record will have a link that says “cited by” and gives a number. Click on this to see the citations.

Google scholar search results

In addition to scholarly articles that appear on the web, Google Scholar includes “grey literature,” like conference papers, technical reports, and government documents that may not appear in other sources. Keep in mind that not all results in Google Scholar are scholarly and searches are limited. Queries may retrieve result sets that are inconsistent, redundant, and incomplete.


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