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Tenure Metrics: Cited Reference Searching: SciFinder-n

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2022 9:53 AM


Note: You must register for an account to use SciFinder-n.

Using a combination of Advanced Search and the Author filter, you may find references by a particular author. In the following example, we want to find any references by Jochen K. Schubert.

Select the References search type, and then click Advanced Search.

On the Advanced Reference Search page, enter the author’s name in the Author Name field. As you enter text, you may also select one of the suggestions that appear.


Click the search button button.


On the References results page, click View All under the Author filter.

In the Author window, click the Search tab. You may also use the Alphanumeric tab (shown here). 

Enter the author’s name and click the Search button.

To get the most complete results, select any alternate spellings (abbreviations, punctuation, and capitalization), and then click the Apply button.

We are now seeing all reference results by Jochen K. Schubert. To further focus your results, try applying the Publication Year, Document Type, and Organization filters (found in the left-hand navigation bar).


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