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Basic Research Tools: E-Books

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2023 9:16 AM

What is an E-Book?

An E-book is a book (full-text) in digital format. E-books at UB can be read on any computer or laptop. A special device (like Kindle or SONY Reader) is NOT needed.

E-books are produced by governments, organizations, companies, educational organizations, or they are books made available through a commercial publisher or database.


Can I download an E-Book to my tablet or smartphone?

It is possible to download some E-Books to a device.

See Selected Downloadable "E-Book" Collections for guidance.

Study Aids Online

Can I Find E-Books Using the UB Catalog?

Some of the commercial databases whose E-books are findable through the UB Catalog include:

Note: The Libraries' Catalog may not completely represent the E-Books in these databases at any given time-- the databases are continually updated, and the Catalog records do not appear in the Online Catalog immediately.

Do all E-books in UB databases show up in the Libraries' Catalog?

No. There are some databases at UB whose E-Books are not findable in the UB Catalog at this point in time.  They include:

 So, it is necessary to search these databases separately to discover the E-Books they contain.

Additional EBooks available at UB (but not all) may be found using the Discovery Tool, "Everything": 

Everything Search (locate books, e-books, articles, and more)

Free E-Book Sources & Search Engines

Are there other E-book resources?

YES! For the some of the resources listed above, you need to be affiliated with UB to access the E-books. But there are MANY additional E-book resources that are FREE to anyone, from anywhere! They include:

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