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Search Tips: FAQs

How to effectively search using our interface.
Last Updated: Oct 10, 2023 11:35 AM

UB Search Frequently Asked Questions

Use the Frequently Asked Questions to troubleshoot common issues or to optimize your user experience. Select a question from the table of contents to be instantly directed to the topic instructions.


How Do I Request an Item that Isn't Available at UB?

Look at the Requests/Delivery tab in this guide. Finding an item through Everything is the easiest way to send a request. You may also access your library account to manually enter the information of the item you need. Ask a Librarian for more assistance.

How Can I Email and Export Records?

You can email and export records individually or in batches. 

Email and Export options are available on the “Send to” menu that appears in individual records:

They are also on the “Push to” menu that appears under the 3 dots in Favorites, for acting on batches of records:

Select the desired action, and follow the system prompts. When exporting to Excel, you’ll be prompted to select file type (Excel or CSV) and a download location.

Note: When emailing or exporting batches of records, the system works best with a maximum of 50 records. If you need to email or export a larger group of records (150+), you may need to work in several smaller batches of 50 at a time. If you have tried to work with a larger batch and don’t receive the email or see the Excel download, definitely try to work with a separate smaller batches.

Where Can I See My Search History?

My Favorites, Saved Searches, and Search History are all found under the Pin icon.

Searches in your Search History can be re-run by clicking on them, and added to My Favorites or deleted via the pin and trash icons.


How Do I Save My Searches?

1. First, make sure you are logged in.

2. When you find an item you wish to save, click the pushpin iconin the top right corner of the record.

Additionally, your entire search can be saved by clicking the icon at the top of your results. Saved items are located in your Favorites.

3. You can select and save up to 50 items at a time by clicking within the box at the top of the search results page:

4. To select and save another batch of 50, unselect the first 50 and proceed to the next batch.

5. You can assign labels to saved records to make working in batches easier:

Additionally, your entire search can be saved by clicking the icon at the top of your results. Saved items are located in your Favorites.

6. You can also save a permalink to a search by QRCode or copy the link text.  Look for the chain link icon on any page to bring up the option to copy link/QRCode:

7. The “Send to” menu on individual records includes separate items for copying the Link/URL permalink and generating the QRCode; they are combined under the single link for batch processes.

How Do I Use Browse?

The Browse search allows you to browse library material (local material only) in order to find information of relevance quickly. You can browse material by author, title, and subject. In the results, you can click an underlined entry to see its associated records. It is also possible to browse by call number, which returns a list of associated records in brief format. Clicking a title displays its full record.

Can I Export the Citations of Items I Found into EndNote?


Yes. Under Send To in the item's record are options to generate a citation or export to a citation manager. Select your preferred option and follow the prompts as they appear.

Can I Still Search Using my Mobile Device?

Yes. The new search interface is compatible with all mobile browsers.