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Search Tips: Getting Started

How to effectively search using our new interface.
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2021 2:53 PM

Welcome to UB Libraries Search

Learn how to find and use library materials at UB and across SUNY.

We now have a single, unified system that gives you the ability to search databases, UB library collections, and all SUNY campus library catalogs, all in one place, all at one time.


What Am I Searching?


The Everything search engine provides a Google-like experience, allowing researchers to use one search box to discover reliable library content. The default search now features Online Resources, including articles, ebooks, and other materials available online; the search can be expanded to physical materials at UB and/or other SUNY campuses by selecting "Everything UB" or "Everything UB/SUNY" from the dropdown menu instead.

You can search within different areas of the UB Libraries and SUNY collections, including:

  • Online Resources - materials available online, including articles, ebooks, and more;
  • Everything UB - materials owned by UB, including articles;
  • Everything UB/SUNY - materials owned by UB and SUNY, and print and electronic articles available at UB;
  • UB Libraries Catalog - materials owned by UB, excluding articles;
  • Articles - print and electronic articles available at UB;
  • SUNY Catalog - materials owned by UB and SUNY, excluding articles;
  • Everything + WorldCat - materials owned by UB and SUNY, articles owned by UB, and records in the WorldCat database.

Logging In

Log in from the upper right menu on the Library search page.

Screen shot with Login highlighted



Why Should I Log In?

  • Access your account to view what you currently have checked out
  • Request or renew items
  • View full search results
  • Save items from your results list and searches you have performed for future use
  • Set preferences to reflect the way you usually search and save them for future sessions
  • Export citations to Endnote and Zotero