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UB Learns Library Resources Integration: Home

This guide is dedicated to providing information about integrating library resources into your course.
Last Updated: Jan 8, 2024 4:42 PM

Library Content in UB Learns

The Library offers information resources for incorporation into your UB Learns course.  We offer various resources and services to help provide up-to-date information to your students in the virtual learning environment.

Learn how to incorporate various resources, such as videos, databases, permalinks, and research tools into your course in the way that best supports your students.

Need Help? Chat with a Librarian!

For general or quick reference help, chat with a librarian here! We are always available to help.

Embedded Library Services in UB Learns

Bring the Library directly into your UB Learns classroom environment with Embedded Librarians. You choose how deep our services and resources exist in your course. Contact your Liaison for your subject area to see how we can help!

Level 1: Subject Librarian Contact

Include the profile of your subject librarian in your course "Contacts" section, see the Subject Librarian Directory

Level 2: Automatically Included Library Resources

Activate the UB Library Guides course tool

Under "Tools" this link on your UB Learns course menu can direct students to a specialized LibGuide, set of specialized databases, and to your subject librarian. Ask us about options for collaboration on building such a LibGuide for your assignment - there is a tab above for more information.

Level 3: Discussion Board Thread for Questions

If you use discussion board threads for students' questions, a designated research help thread may be just what you need. If your librarian is willing to monitor the thread they can be added to your course as a TA and answer questions as they arise.

Note: Please contact the librarian before you automatically add them to your course.

Level 4: Full Discussion Board Monitoring

If you have multiple discussion board threads filled with students' questions, you can also add your librarian to your course as a TA to monitor multiple threads and answer students' research questions as they arise.

Note: Please contact the librarian before you automatically add them to your course.

Level 5: Assignments in Partnership with Librarians

Many in-depth research assignments require multiple steps to create that final product. You can collaborate with your subject librarian to develop relevant, foundational assignments to assist students in the research process.

Whom to Contact:

Please contact Cynthia Tysick, Director of Libraries Education Services, at (716) 645-8629 or to coordinate Library services in your UB Learns course.