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Entrepreneurship Resources: Health Futures

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2024 12:30 PM


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Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology

"The two most frequently used terms today are assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering. Although they are used somewhat interchangeably, they are not identical. “Rehabilitation engineering is the application of science and technology to ameliorate the handicaps of individuals with disabilities”. In contrast, assistive technology can be viewed as a product of rehabilitation engineering activities. Such a relationship is analogous to health care being the product of the practice of medicine. Furthermore, the major activities in rehabilitation engineering can be categorized in many ways. Perhaps the simplest way to grasp its breadth and depth is to categorize the main types of assistive technology that rehabilitation engineering has produced. The development of these technological products required the contributions of mechanical, material, and electrical engineers, orthopedic surgeons, prosthetists and orthotists, allied health professionals, and computer professionals. The chapter illustrates some of the assistive technologies currently available."

(Summary of book chapter)

Szeto, A. (2005). 5 - REHABILITATION ENGINEERING AND ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY. In J. D. Enderle, S. M. Blanchard, & J. D. Bronzino (Eds.), Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (Second Edition) (pp. 211-254). Academic Press. 


Resources linked below can be useful for research related to rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology. 

Aging-related Advancements