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Entrepreneurship Resources: WNY Blood Care Innovation Sprint

Last Updated: Jun 3, 2024 12:13 PM

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Not sure where to start? Try this search on continuity of care and hemophilia in PubMed. Use the filters or the Advanced Search to combine it with facets of the topic you want to focus on.

("Continuity of Patient Care"[MeSH Terms] OR ("continuity of care"[Title/Abstract] OR "care continuity"[Title/Abstract] OR "care continuum"[Title/Abstract] OR "continuum of care"[Title/Abstract] OR "continuity patient care"[Title/Abstract:~4] OR "continuum patient care"[Title/Abstract:~4] OR "transition care"[Title/Abstract:~2] OR "transitional care"[Title/Abstract] OR "aftercare"[Title/Abstract] OR "home transition"[Title/Abstract:~2] OR "patient transfer"[Title/Abstract:~4] OR "patient discharge"[Title/Abstract:~4] OR "loss to follow up"[Title/Abstract])) AND ("Hemophilia B"[MeSH Terms] OR "Hemophilia A"[MeSH Terms] OR (("hemophilia*"[Title/Abstract] AND "OR"[Title/Abstract]) OR "christmas disease"[Title/Abstract] OR "Plasma Thromboplastin Component Deficiency"[Title/Abstract]))


Thinking about an app?

If the proposed solution includes electronic patient engagement through an app, the freely available RedCAP software must be used.

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Key Articles

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