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Aerial Photographs of Buffalo and WNY: Contents

Last Updated: Oct 1, 2018 1:57 PM

The University at Buffalo Map Collection has more than 6,000 aerial photographs covering Erie and Niagara counties for the years 1927-1928, 1966, and 1978. These were produced by the Fairchild Aerial Survey, Inc. and other operations.

The Collection is an almost-complete set of aerial photographs covering Erie County for the years 1927-1929, 1966, and 1978, and for Niagara County for 1966 and 1978.


The aerial photographs are from the following series:

  • 8187 (1927)
  • 8226 (1928)
  • 8275 (1928)
  • 8326 (1929)
  • ARE-ARF (1966)
  • 36029-176 (1978)

Individual images are listed by number. Some index maps (Click on series number at top of each section) are included here (originals may be viewed by appointment).

Images are added when requested. All images (except where noted) are .jpg files usually scanned at 300 dpi and scale 100% (a few are 150 dpi). Images are bled beyond photo edge to ensure that the entire image has been saved. Images are not rotated to proper North-South orientation.

The best way to see what aerial photos have been posted below is to use your browser's SEARCH command and enter the most specific word for the location you wish to see (e.g., forest lawn).

For an appointment to access aerial photos contact the Lockwood Library Reference Desk by calling 645-2945 or via e-mail at If you have aerial photographs or maps that you wish to donate to the UB Map Collection, or would be willing to loan to the Collection for creating copies, please contact us.

Additional aerial photographs and maps of the UB campuses (North and South) are available on the UB in Maps page. Additional Erie County photos are available from the county website: Erie County Aerial Photographs: 1920 and 1951 collections (these may be downloaded).

Current satellite images of Western New York are also available online; See: Map & Satellite Images Online and Western New York Maps (GIS links also provide access to satellite orthophotos).

Aerial Photographs of Western New York for Buffalo (City); 175 plates (including some of the below images) cover the entire city. This is a subset of the 8226 series.

Note: All aerial images are scanned from photo proofs of the original negatives. Quality is lower than from originals. If you have better copies of these photographs, or if you have other photographs that you would be willing to share, please contact us and consider allowing us to scan these to upgrade our materials. Thank you.

Additional links to Erie County Air Photos

Other photograph collections of Erie County aerial photographs are at the Erie County Aerial Photographs (Erie County Public Works Dept.) website. Currently has 1920 and 1951.

Ontario, Canada Aerial Photographs

A source for Canadian aerial photography is the National Air Photo Library (Natural Resources Canada). Extensive aerial and high-altitude images of Canada. Find digital copies of images and order photos. Also has resources on aerial photography, including: Introduction to Air Photo Interpretation, a page that explains how to 'read' these photographs.

Other Aerial Photographs & Satellite Imagery at UB

In addition, the Map Collection contains a small collection of miscellaneous satellite imagery of United States cities. Many of these images are found in the Libraries Catalog.

Contact the Lockwood Library Reference Desk by calling 645-2820 or via e-mail at to set up an appointment to access the aerial photos. See also: Satellite Images, Aerial Photographs, and Databases for a selection.

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Further Information and Donations Request

If you need further assistance, please contact the Lockwood Library Reference Desk by calling 716-645-2820 or via email at

If you have aerial photographs or maps that you wish to donate to the UB Map Collection, or would be willing to loan to the Collection for creating copies, please contact us. Thank you.