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Aerial Photographs of Buffalo and WNY: U.S. Department of Agriculture Aerial Surveys (1966 and 1978)

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2022 1:01 PM


Photo Sources

Origins of the Photographs

1966 U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
(Flown by Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa.)
Coverage: Erie and Niagara Counties, N.Y. / Scale 1:20,000
Code: ASCS (Plates have series numbers/sub-numbers)

1978 U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service
(Flown by Kucera & Associates, Mentor, Ohio)
Coverage: Erie and Niagara Counties, N.Y. / Scale 1:38,000
Code: 36029 (Plates have series numbers/sub-numbers)

Technical Note on the Photographs

The entire aerial collection is made up of contact proofs of the negatives that were shot. These vary in quality and some contain imperfections caused by the processing of these contacts. Also, some frames are missing from the collection. These prints were given to the University Libraries "as is" and what was missing when we received them cannot be replaced.

Requesting Aerial Photographs

Requests to obtain copies of aerial photographs must be made through Kimberly Plassche.

Scans of photos from our collection may be sent upon request, dependent on the scale of your project and geographical area needed. Researchers are also invited to email Kimberly Plassche to schedule an in-person consultation with the aerial photos.

USDA aerial photographs are free to use.

Please cite the Western New York Aerial Photograph Collection at the University at Buffalo when using any of these images.


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