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Aerial Photographs of Buffalo and WNY: 8187 Series

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2022 1:01 PM

How to View the 8187 Series Images

Series 8187, Dates - 1927-1929 / Scale: ca.1:9,500 

Please note: We are unable to display all scanned images highlighted in our guide's scroll. Refer to the complete series list on each page to find available images for your desired area. 

Individual images are listed by number. You may use the Index Map to help locate the image number you need. Click the image number (blue-colored text) to open the JPG image in a new browser tab.

The best way to check if aerial photos for your area of interest have been posted on this guide is to use your browser's SEARCH command (CTRL+F or Command+F) and enter the most specific word for the location you wish to see (e.g., forest lawn).

8187 Series Images

  • 261 Wanakah along Lake Erie (Wanakah Country Club shown)
  • 300, 302 Eighteen Mile Creek and S bank-Lake Erie shoreline; 300% excerpt showing S bank at Lake Erie shoreline; excerpt (100%) at 600 dpi.
  • 729 Stony Point, Union Ship Canal (W entrance), Tifft Nature Preserve (S end).
  • 731 Union Ship Canal, Tifft Nature Preserve (S end); NE portion Bethlehem Steel complex.
  • 734 South Park, (E) Our Lady of Victory Basilica, (W) RR tracks, (N) Tifft St, (S) Ridge Rd.