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Business & Management: Earnings Call Reports

Last Updated: May 24, 2022 3:26 PM

What are Earnings Calls?

Earnings call is a conference call between the management of a public company, analysts, investors, and the media to discuss the company’s financial results during a given reporting period, such as a quarter or a fiscal year. An earnings call is usually preceded by an earnings report.

Where can I find earnings call transcripts?

Company website

The best place to begin is with the Investor Relations section of a company website. Check this area for webcasts, transcripts, and other financial news released by the company.

See an example from Verizon here.


  1. From the Factiva homepage, go to the Search Builder, located under the main Search tab
  2. Use the search phrase: rst=fndw and hlp=[company name] to limit to the CQ FD (Fair Disclosure) Wire 
  3. Change the date range as Factiva defaults to the past three months
  4. Select the Search button
  5. Refine your results using the left hand column filters

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is free to register an account and review most recent earnings call records. You can also use the keyword search feature to locate specific mentions in a transcript. However, a monthly subscription is required for historic records. UB does not subscribe to Seeking Alpha.

  1. Search for a company by name or ticker symbol via the top right-hand search box on the homepage
  2. From the company Summary page, navigate to the Earnings tab >> Transcripts