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LSAMP Summer Research Program Library Resources Guide: Databases for STEM Students

This Guide is intended for students in UB's LSAMP Summer Research Program. It contains links to library research resources, as well as contact information for the Engineering Librarian.
Last Updated: May 23, 2022 2:35 PM

This page outlines databases to search for literature in STEM-related areas. The first box lists multidisciplinary resources. These are great resources to start with because they cover many STEM fields. 

Databases that are more subject-specific are then listed in separate boxes below. If you don't see a field you would like to research further, contact the Engineering Librarian at or check out UB's full list of Research Guides.

If UB does not have access to the journal article you need for your research, please use the free Delivery+ service. More information on Delivery+ in the box below on the right.

Multidisciplinary Databases

If you are going to use a multidisciplinary database for the LSAMP Summer Research Program, I highly recommend Web of Science. It has the best coverage in STEM fields. Other databases/journals listed below are good to try, but I would always start with Web of Science first as it covers all the applied/hard sciences, engineering, as well as health and even social sciences.

Engineering Databases

Engineering Village is the best resource for searching engineering specific research as it covers all major areas of engineering, including research related to engineering management and engineering education. Knovel is a great resource for searching engineering e-books as well as material properties information. If you need specific resources for a specific subset of engineering information, check on the various engineering Research Guides by clicking here (click the link and scroll down to the Engineering or Computer Science subsections).

Biology Databases

Web of Science is generally the best place to start for biology research at UB, but if you want to try a few other resources specific to biology you can try the resources below.

Chemistry Databases

Geology Databases

Physics Databases

Health Science Databases


Still hitting a paywall for article access? Don't pay!

If the article you need is not part of a UB subscription and is not available openly, use UB Libraries Delivery+ service to get the article. It's completely free for UB faculty, staff, and students! 

Simply log in with your UBIT name and password, then fill out a brief form for the item you need. Articles are delivered to you electronically!

Need an Article? Get a Plug-in!

Do you use Google Scholar to search for articles? Do you then have trouble locating the full text of articles?

Good news! There are options to help! Free browser plug-ins are available to help locate the full text of articles.

Find out more at the Alternative Access to Articles guide.

Citation Management Software

EndNote 20 logo

UB has a site license to EndNote, software that allows you to collect, store, organize, retrieve, and automatically format references to journal articles, books, patents, and more in your papers. 

For help using EndNote, click here for the EndNote Basics Guide here. The Guide contains descriptions of features, PDF downloads, and videos on how to use EndNote effectively.

For more help, contact Erin Rowley, Engineering Librarian,

Engineering Librarian

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Erin Rowley
119 Lockwood Library
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260